Signature Programs

To build a strong, resilient and inclusive community, SICOP places special focus on its two 

“Signature Programs”—the Human Library and Meditation Mondays

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Every year on September 21 st since 2012, Sedona has celebrated International Day of Peace
with a variety of events, concerts and meditations. Since the start over 80 community
organizations have participated with over 5000 attendees over time.

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SICOP, In partnership with the Sedona Public Library, Rotary Clubs of Sedona, and the Verde Valley School, this localized international event has featured over 100 people presenting their heartfelt stories about facing a challenging stereotype or prejudice bring forth understanding in conversation with over 800 “listeners/readers”.  Staged in-person and online, this fall’s event will be scheduled September 19, 2021.

In partnership with Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley, Spectrum Health Care, NAMI and
Sedona Meditation/Yoga Centers, this has been held weekly for more than three years. It has
served over 1500 people through 150 sessions with many forms of meditation to serve our
community and those challenged with Mental Health issues.

Courageous Conversations

Movies, speakers and panels and panels that inspire action to address tough community/world
issues such as hunger, human trafficking, mental health, racism, economics, bullying and
wounds from war. SICOP has worked with Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona Public
Library, and Yavapai Community College to hold over 30 community discussions.


The Sedona International City of Peace, Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Sedona International Film Festival have come together to offer a special event to our community.
These groups have come together to illuminate and transform the pronounced divisiveness in our community with a first-of-its-kind “Dissolve-the-Divide” series of events.

Sedona Peace Tour

An itinerary has been developed to walk and/or drive to ancient and modern places in Sedona that foster and support a culture of peace.  From the Peace Bell to peace gardens and galleries this tour honors 18 very special places.  4000 brochures are distributed through the Chamber of Commerce.

Imagine Magazine

A community funded publication.  Over 100 local authors have contributed to 5 issues and 40 community partners have donated financial/distribution support.  Over 15,000 issues have been distributed locally and electronically throughout the International Cities of Peace Network.

Volume 1; number 1
Volume 1: number 2
Volume 2: number 2

Piece by Peace – Art Music Community Festival

Sedona: Peace by Piece Festival: PAX Foreign Students in Northern Arizona will speak to the peace challenges in their country and why it is important for communities to stand for and take action for peace. Music and entertainment by local artisans.