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As part of a United Nations’ global movement, Sedona, Arizona is proud to stand with more than 100 cities on five continents worldwide—from Kampala to Kathmandu­—that have consciously chosen to become International Cities of Peace. The Sedona City of Peace promotes a culture of peace through events, projects and publications that seek to raise consciousness, expand connections, and engage our community.

We believe a culture of peace is one that respects and connects our shared humanity and ignites a social spark to form new and inspired traditions and ideas that uphold the highest values of the human heart. To that end we envision Sedona as a place where people respect and listen to each other, celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, opinions and expressions, and come together to take action for the greater good of our community and beyond.

Sedona is known the world over for its spectacular red rock vistas, its vibrant arts community, its healthy lifestyle and as a place for genuine spiritual nourishment. Incorporated in 1988, it is a relatively young city. A strong philanthropic spirit exists here, remarkable for its small size, and a highly talented and engaged citizenry participates in compassionate causes both local and global. Historically the Sedona environs was considered sacred to its First Peoples who chose only to offer prayers and ceremony amidst the magnificent ring of crimson mountains. Today it remains a palpable place of peace and harmony.

As a City of Peace, modern day Sedonans have taken the opportunity to deepen its legacy of peace—both inner and outer—to make it relevant, purposeful and beneficial for all who live and work here,and for the millions who visit every year. We are humbled and grateful to join the International Cities of Peace family and to share our experiences, visions and intentions to live the values and principles of peace and to continuously foster a culture of peace in Sedona.


Goals of Sedona City of Peace

  • To acknowledge and uphold Sedona’s peaceful heritage and to catalyze powerful dialogues and actions that help foster a culture of peace
  • To invite active participation from individuals and community groups to re-imagine community institutions to better reflect and strengthen the values of fairness, tolerance and equality necessary for the emergence of a thriving culture of peace
  • To develop and promote peace-oriented programs and events, as well as a Peace Tour to places of peace in Sedona
  • To recognize individuals, groups and organizations that foster a culture of peace
  • To explore and develop peace initiatives that bring together diverse groups of local, national and global leaders and peacemakers in Sedona to collaborate, innovate and find common ground.


The International Cities of Peace

International Cities of Peace™ is a nonprofit, tax-exempt association dedicated to connecting, promoting, and encouraging the global cities of peace movement. An Advisory Council of leaders from global Cities of Peace organizations is working to create an all-inclusive, non-polarizing network of world citizens working to bring peace to their communities. Peace, in the view of this organization, is not just a hope. It’s a right.

Sedona City of Peace Meeting

Sedona City of Peace Meeting